advances in solar energy

Advances in Solar Energy

As solar begins to attain mainstream status, an increasing amount of homeowners are considering going solar – even the ones with roofs which are less than ideal for solar panels. Due to this growth, ground mounted solar is now becoming a viable option for clean energy, because of tracking mount technology.

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Trackers permit solar panels to maximize electricity generation by following the sun when it moves around the sky. PV tracking systems shift and tilt the angle of a solar array when the day passes to best fit the placement of the sun. Although the panel add-on has been on the scene for quite some time, solar manufacturers are really embracing this technology. Recently, GTM Research unveiled a report showing a major upward trend in tracking systems’ popularity. GTM foresees a 254% year-upon-year increase for the PV tracking marketplace this year. The report claimed that by the year 2021, almost 50% of all ground mount arrays will involve solar tracking ability.

Solar panel efficiency advances

The past couple of years in the solar sector have been a race to the top as far as solar cell efficiency is concerned, and recent times haven’t been any different. Numerous accomplishments by a variety of panel manufacturers have brought us to an increasingly higher amount of maximum efficiencies every year.

The solar cell types utilized in mainstream marketplaces could also see huge improvements in cost per watt – a metric comparing solar panels’ relative affordability. Because of American and Swiss scientists, Perovskite solar cells have seen some big breakthroughs in the last 2 years. The result is set to produce a solar panel capable of generating over 20% efficiency while still providing a low cost solution in the market.

Battery Breakthroughs

We’ve seen many advances in battery technology in recent years as well. According to New Atlas, 2019 brought us “tech that could charge electric vehicles in 10 minutes, batteries that suck carbon dioxide out of the air and news that the world’s biggest battery is set to get even bigger.” New Atlas also reports that Neoen and the South Australia government have entered another agreement with Tesla to add a further 64.5 MWh of capacity and 50 MW of output. This upgrade is planned for mid-2020 and will increase the size of the world’s biggest battery by around 50 percent.

At a consumer level, Tesla’s Powerwall proves to be an impressive option for homeowners while the Powerpack provides cutting-edge, scalable solutions for businesses. When combined with solar, Powerwall can meet the energy demands of most homes. When the grid goes down, solar energy can power an entire home while charging the Powerwall. As for Powerpack, this solution for commercial consumers and energy providers supports a host of applications that offer precise control, increased efficiency and reliability across the electric grid.

At Tri-State Electrical Contractors, we’re proud to hold both Tesla Storage and Tesla Charging certifications. Contact us today for more insight on how Powerwall and/or Powerpack can support energy optimization efforts in a home or business.

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