Solar Energy

No Concern with Power Loss with Solar Energy

Solar Energy

No matter what is going on in the world or where you live, during some point you have likely encountered power loss concerns.

Whether the cause of the concern is a torrential downpour, natural disaster, or squirrels chewing on cables, everyone cares about their access to energy.

You can set your worries aside. “This too shall pass,” as the saying goes. Energy companies are operating, and they don’t have any intention of slowing down.

While power loss is unlikely at this time, it does not hurt to be prepared. That is where solar panels shine. Each day, your solar panels can bring peace of mind as they capture and then convert sunlight to electricity which will immediately be utilized to power your home and appliances.

Now, renewable, clean energy isn’t just in the daytime. With the Tesla Powerwall, it’s possible to save the excessive energy your solar panel systems produce. So, as the sun sets, your house can pull from the solar battery, allowing your home to still operate on solar power from earlier that day!

This is particularly helpful during brownouts or blackouts. Rather than suffering power loss, with this system in place, your house still will be operating on green, clean energy. Once again, the likelihood of power outages during this time are very unlikely. Although, if you install a solar storage battery and solar panels, you can avoid power loss not only in the short term, but for years into the future, too.

Your solar battery and solar panel system will just rely on a single thing to work- the sun. So long as the sun shines, you will have the ability to store and use renewable solar energy. You will not need to rely upon your energy company to send you electricity in the instance of power loss- you will be making your very own with your own solar panels.

At Tri-State Electrical Contractors, we are here to help. Our Solar Division can help you understand information on changing to solar power and incorporating the Tesla Powerwall. So, if you would like to learn more, do not hesitate to reach out! Call us today at (423) 800-2134.

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